Maximum Fem Maggots!

The Notorious Fem Maggots occupied a rehearsal space a few weeks back, and took CKUT and TVM along for the ride. As always, I was there keeping the sounds (at least reasonably) under control. The band operates as a collective hive mind, rejecting all forms of hierarchy and making all decision both aesthetic and managerial […]

Archery Guild Attack!

Archery Guild are a local 8 or 9 piece baroque indie rock band. 3 Guitars, Trumpet, Cello, Violin, Bass, Drums and two vocalists make up the largest ensemble I’ve ever recorded in a multitrack, live-off-the-floor setting. While setting up in the band’s beautiful St. Henri loft, it was obvious that the session would provide its […]

Slight shoot

On Friday April 5th, myself and the intrepid Camera-folk of TVM headed up to Van Horne in MontrĂ©al to do a video shoot with local Synthy Kraut-Rockers Slight. It was organized as part of the ongoing CKUT FM/TVM collaboration that I am the principle engineer for. We got set up in their magical rehearsal space, […]