From 2009 to 2015, I provided affordable, high quality on location and studio based sound recording in Montréal, QC. I have years of experience working with independent musicians, radio stations and film studios to create powerful, exciting and memorable sounds for any purpose or project.


Primary Services

My recordings have been featured on Campus Radio Charts, in internationally distributed television programs (Degrassi!), high traffic web sites, and are regularly referred to as “Awesome!”

Check out the portfolio section to hear some recent work.

For rates and availability,

Mobile Recording

Dorian did a fantastic job being super-organized and on the ball for a mobile recording – very adaptable and able to integrate our complicated set up easily. Great to work with while tracking.

-Danji Buck-Moore (SLIGHT)

Helping Heathers

Over the last 5 years, I’ve developed an incredibly portable, flexible, and powerful recording rig. Requiring no more than a single power outlet and a few square feet of workspace, I can turn any space you can make sound into a high end recording facility. Equally comfortable in tiny rehearsal studios and massive concert halls, I consistently provide better than expected results at surprisingly affordable rates.

My Pro Tools system is based around a DIGI002 rack-mounted interface combined with 8 outboard mic preamps for a total of 12 simultaneous microphone inputs with 4 additional line inputs. Running on a top of the line MacBook Pro, the system is incredibly stable and reliable providing maximum responsiveness and clarity.

“Dorian’s professionalism shines as soon as he steps into the room. We recorded in my living room, live off the floor. Dorian made the room sound really good by rearranging furniture and positioning the amps, and this took no time at all. His expertise and direction, combined with his easygoing nature, made us feel comfortable and confident in our performance, which helped to produce a recording that we are proud of.”

-Zef Raček (Harvest Soon)

My microphone collection includes a matched pair of Josephson C42’s, Shure SM57’s, Beta 57s, a Beta 56 and a Beta 52, and a pair of Apex 435’s.

Depending on the needs of your project, more equipment can be rented as necessary. My years of experience with audio equipment of all descriptions has left me comfortable twirling knobs and plugging plugs of all descriptions.

Live Sound

In a live-sound setting Dorian is an adept technician, FOH mixer and most importantly, communicator. He is clearly capable and brings years of personal and academic experience to any job.

Nick Schofield (Saxsyndrum/CKUT Underground Sounds)

I’m exceedingly comfortable and capable behind the board during live performances of a multitude of descriptions. I’m equally happy working with pre-installed systems at established venues or managing rental and setup in non traditional concert settings.

If you need more kick in the monitor, I’m your guy.

Live Concert Recording

I am more than happy to bring my mobile studio to any concert venue in the city of Montréal. Having recorded shows in numerous venues across the city including Casa del Popolo, Cabaret du Mile End, Katacombes, La Sala Rossa and even venturing as far as Toronto for NXNE, I’m comfortable speaking with sound-folk of all kinds and making the most of any onsite setup.

Here’s a partial list of artists I’ve recorded on stage:

  • Braids
  • Mares of Thrace
  • Grimes
  • Parlovr
  • Chad VanGaalen
  • Cousins
  • the Famines
  • Blue Hawaii
  • and many more…

Studio Recording

I loved working with Dorian on our first EP! It was my first time in a studio setting and I couldn’t have asked for anyone more supportive and communicative about the recording process.

-Zinta Avens Auzins (Ruff Talons)


While Mobile Recording is where I spend most of my time, I’m equally capable behind the glass of a traditional recording studio. Studio based sessions allow for even more simultaneous channels, a specially treated tracking and mixing environment, and access to a wider array of microphones and preamps. They also provide quiet and consistency for voice-over or advertising projects.

Frequently working out of the studios of both CKUT 90.3 FM and CJLO 1690 AM in Montréal, I can work with you to determine the most appropriate location for your session.


If you’ve completed your recording session and are looking to take your tracks to the next level, my mixing services are the perfect choice. With a fantastic array of plugins and a seasoned pair of ears, I can make the most of your audio regardless of its scope and scale.

With years of experience and a deep love for all things auditory, I bring both expertise and excitement to any project, at any stage in the process.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss your project!



7 track tape release from Montréal’s HEATHERS.
Released by Saturn Returns.

Harvest Soon – Beesides

Five track EP from Montréal based folk poppers Harvest Soon.

Max Halparin Worth It cover

Max Halparin – Worth It

Full Length Acoustic Album, recorded over two days in Max’s bedroom in his old apartment. Recorded and Mixed fall 2013 by Dorian Scheidt. Released May 28th, 2014.