Wind-Up People Album Cover

Wind-Up People – All This Culture is Killing Me

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Dorian Scheidt

This record received a very kind review from Said the Gramophone:

A smoky holler, a fumbling parting, a gas lantern bumping in the rattling trunk of a car. Wind-Up People have listened to albums by Constantines and Cloud Nothings, or maybe their predecessors’, and they have made the kind of record, like those, that you need to put on when certain rotten things are sparking in your chest, snicking and buzzing, like the dancing end of a powerline. You turn the volume knob and you put your palms flat on the wall, above your head, and you click your molars, and then you can no longer hear the click of your molars, because the music is too loud, that smoky holler, and you will yourself to forget the fact that every part of your house is utterly unchanged. (Deep breath.) Thank god for this fucking rock and roll.