These are some of the things I’ve worked on.



May, 2015

I’m a (mostly) Front-End Developer at Infoactive, building a single page web-app for creating interactive data visualizations and infographics.


Tourne-Sol Co-operative Farm

May, 2015

Full website redesign for Tourne-Sol Co-operative Farm.

Sound Recording


December, 2014

7 track tape release from Montréal’s HEATHERS.
Released by Saturn Returns.


Rotating Planet

September, 2014

Website rebuild for Rotating Planet films, a Documentary film production company in Montréal.

Designed with Zinta Avens Auzins, developed by Dorian Scheidt.

Sound Recording

Harvest Soon – Beesides

June, 2014

Five track EP from Montréal based folk poppers Harvest Soon.

Chartzapp Screenshot


June, 2014

ChartZapp is a Single Page Javascript application for analyzing and visualizing Canadian Campus Community Radio Charts.

Coded by hand in Montréal between March and June, 2014.

Max Halparin Worth It cover
Sound Recording

Max Halparin – Worth It

May, 2014

Full Length Acoustic Album, recorded over two days in Max’s bedroom in his old apartment. Recorded and Mixed fall 2013 by Dorian Scheidt. Released May 28th, 2014.


Twist Financial

February, 2014

Commissioned by Twist Financial to bring their web presence up to speed.

Full website rebuild, content migration, info design, and layout as well as analytics setup.

The theme uses custom fields to display additional supporting content for articles.

View the theme’s Github repo.

Ruff Talons CRUSHED cover
Sound Recording

Ruff Talons – CRUSHED

January, 2014

5 song EP, tracked by Anne Gauthier, Mixed by Me!

Sound Recording

MontréaLIVE Sessions

November, 2013

Starting in the fall of 2013, I teamed up with TVM and CKUT to produce a new series of live performance videos featuring local Montréal based musicians.

Heathers (1988) Cover
Sound Recording


October, 2013

4 song EP, recorded live off the floor at the band’s Jam space in Mile End.

New Shit live at Casa

New Shit Funding Drive Spectacular 2013

October, 2013

For the 2013 funding drive edition of New Shit on CKUT, we hosted a two hour live broadcast from Casa Del Popolo, featuring live performances from ylangylang, Maica Mia, JLK, Stefan Christoff, and Year of Glad.

Ruff Talons live in NYC

Ruff Talons

September, 2013

I help smash the patriarchy with power chords in post-riot grrl rocker quartet Ruff Talons. Bandcamp tag: vegan milkshake. Collectively managed, obviously.

Sound Recording

Static Gold – Live Videos

August, 2013

Live off the floor recording at Base Bin Studios

Debt Full Length Cover
Sound Recording

Debt – Don’t Ruin This For Everyone

August, 2013

Full Length Album, recorded in the jam space over 4 days in May, 2013.

captivatormedia.com screenshot


June, 2013

Official website for freelance services

Cinéma L'amour - Limitations Cover
Sound Recording

Cinéma L’amour – LIMITATIONS

May, 2013

My band’s Full Length Studio Album.
Charted nationally on Canadian Campus Community Radio in July 2013


Andrea Warnick

May, 2013

Official Website for Artist and Designer

Slight at the Plant
Sound Recording

McGill Music Sessions

April, 2013

In January 2013 I began working with TVM and CKUT FM to produce a series of high quality live performance videos featuring musicians from the Montreal and McGill music scenes. I did all the on site recording, as well as all the mixing for the series.

Sound Recording

Chad VanGaalen – Live at NXNE

March, 2013

Live Concert Recording in Toronto

Debt Demo Cover
Sound Recording

Debt – Demos

March, 2013

Two song demo, recorded live off the floor with vocal overdubs one afternoon in March, 2013.

CKUT Music Blog screenshot

CKUT Music Blog

February, 2013

I lead the most recent design overhaul of the CKUT music blog. I built a new custom child theme (based off WordPress.org’s Twenty Twelve), restructured content categorization and tagging, optimized for SEO, and included many new dynamic widgets for content display.

Ruff Talons Tuff Stuff Cover
Sound Recording

Ruff Talons – Tuff Stuff EP

January, 2013

Seven track EP recorded over a weekend at CJLO 1690 AM in December 2012.

Wind-Up People Album Cover
Sound Recording

Wind-Up People – All This Culture is Killing Me

November, 2012

Full length studio album

Sound Recording

Chomp – Live Videos

November, 2012

Live off the floor video shoot in the band’s jam space.


Cinéma L’amour – Official Website

February, 2012

The Official website for my band, Cinéma L’amour.

I am responsible for all aspects of the band’s web presence, including branding, design, hosting, feature implementation, and maintenance.

The site is built using a highly customized child theme of Twenty Twelve by Wordpress.Org.

Cinéma L'amour at Passovah fest

Cinéma L’amour

November, 2009

I lord over an absurdist array of pedals and “sling the axe” in weirdo prog-rock duo Cinéma L’amour. I also run the show in the “business department”, as it were. We’ve played over 125 shows, including one in every Canadian province and our debut full length album “LIMITATIONS” charted nationally on Canadian campus radio, Summer 2013.