Corinna Rose

Capturing Corinna Rose

I recently had the pleasure of working on a brief performance shoot with talented songstress Corinna Rose as part of a project for the Believer Magazine.

One of the conditions of the shoot was that my mics remain out of sight, at least from the two camera folk’s perspective.

I used an extremely simple setup: just a single Apex 435, a few feet back from the performer.

As you can see in the photo, I pointed the mic directly at her, aiming for a nice mix of voice and guitar. A good performer can easily balance their voice and instrument in a space like this, and Corinna Rose certainly fits the bill.

It was a pretty small, boxy room, so I knew I’d need to be busting out some serious EQ in the midrange, but other then that, it sounded great!

All I had to do was stay out of the way!